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I want to fall asleep as naturally as: a cat in a sunbeam .

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Dr. Rhea E. Abbott, ND

Sleep Specialist

For over 10 years, Dr. Abbott has helped exhausted insomniacs get reliable, restful sleep by digging deep, using natural therapies, and training patients to cure their own sleep problems.

I wake up

too early and can't get back

to sleep

I feel tired

no matter

how much sleep I get

I feel like I need coffee

for energy

Could it be


Or sleep apnea?

When I wake

in the night,

my worries


I hit snooze

so many times

and struggle 

to get up

My sleeping

pills have become unreliable

Could insomnia be a side effect of my meds?

I know I 

should go to bed earlier, but I just can't fall asleep

I think my habits are getting in the way of good sleep

I want to

learn to sleep without medication

Which of these sound like you?

You've suffered long enough.   I can help.

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Lifestyle medicine and natural therapies that strengthen your foundations and work with your body.

Rather than treating symptoms on the surface, 

dive deep to find the root cause.

Our defaults don't take much effort once they're in place, so when we align them to point toward health, wellness will naturally follow.

By giving great attention and support to this foundational layer, you will

strengthen and thrive from the ground up.



this is 

Ready to get some zzzzs?
Let's do this!


Every health problem is
made worse by poor sleep,
and improved by restful nights.

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