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Available Services

For Sleep Patients

The following appointment types are used as needed to progress through the

Better Sleep Program

Tropical Leaves


For new patients, annual exams, or deep review of new-to-me material

Deep Dive

Extended time for in-depth discussion or covering many topics

Fern Plant


Efficient appointment for updates, troubleshooting, or quick reviews

New patients must begin with Discovery.   All services available as in-office or virtual.

For Sleep Graduates

When restful sleep has been restored, patients are invited to gradate to the Whole Life Wellness program. This includes 6 visits per calendar year dedicated to evaluating and improving each of the main areas of life that support health. By expanding on the strategies and lessons you learned to heal your sleep, you can build a way of life that keeps you in the green.

Vegetables in Paper Bags

Food & Nutrition


Physical Activity

Laughing Yoga

Social & Mental Health

Vitamin Pills

Supplements & Meds


Doctor's Visit

Physical Exam & Labs

The Whole Life Wellness Program

includes 2 of each visit type: Discovery, Deep Dive, and Momentum.

Come for better sleep

Stay for better life

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