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Under the Surface

I conceived of Euvis (pronounced "you-VEESE") while steeped in the latin terminology of my first year of med school. The prefix "eu" means good or well. The word "vis" refers to the power or spirit that animates us, our life force

Euvis is a clinic committed to the deep work of lasting change, 

to teaching people how to be stewards of their own health,

and celebrating the ability of the body to heal itself when it has a good partner (you!).

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During childhood summers in New Hampshire, Nana used garlic oil for swimmer's ear, sliced up aloe leaves for sunburns, and had little brown bottles of tinctures in her pantry for tummy aches and trouble sleeping.


Twenty years later, I discovered an entire branch of medicine that honored her natural approach to healing and married it with the lessons of modern science. I began med school at Bastyr University to earn my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.


As you can imagine, med school wrecked my sleep (having a baby during those years didn't help!), but my first course in sleep medicine empowered me to reclaim this element of health I so desperately needed. When I experienced for myself how good sleep improved my physical and mental health, I knew this was the niche for me.

Experience & Training

Bastyr University Graduate (2013)

Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine


Primary Care since 2014


Specialty in natural sleep medicine under mentorship of

Dr. Catherine Darley, founder of the

Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine.

Mentor to Bastyr ND students since 2017.


Conference speaker on the topic of healthy sleep for the Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Providers and

the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Conference Room

A New Chapter

Conventional primary care required a Jane-of-all-trades who spent her days putting out fires. It kept me from getting to people early enough to prevent fires and spending as much time on the deeper issues as was needed.

In 2020, I made sleep health the focus of my practice and created a new model I call "adjunctive primary care". Patients keep their conventional PCP to handle the fires (and get better coverage from insurance), while I address their primary concerns with the preventative lifestyle medicine that was always at the heart of my practice -- sustainable habit changes and natural therapies that make wellness easy and lasting.

If sleep health is my flagship, adjunctive primary care is my ocean.


Every health problem is made worse by poor sleep,

and is improved with good sleep.

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